Sunday, March 20, 2011

#1396 ... The winners slay the dragon

Not the usual shot one sees from the dragon boat festival ... however the winner's celebrations clearly capture the magic of the weekend event. Franziska, Jojo, Cora & Sabine (all from GDR)should take special note of the letters on the paddles. Your old school has done well !!
THANKS RUMI for another great shot.


Anonymous said...

Honestly, the small portal thumbnail of this reminded me of something Michelangelo would have done on the a chapel ceiling. I was, frankly, pleasantly surprised when I got here. It is a beautiful photograph and looks spontaneous but not planned.

jbworks said...

YES Abe ... the usual shots of dragon boating are lots of furious paddles as the boats charge down the course. My good friend Rumi just happened to be at the right time & place. i was painting the house !!!. kind regards Jeremy