Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sacre Bleu ... #136

Historical Nightmare continues: ABs fried by French
RugbyHeaven 09:50am We drink their wine and they eat us !!!
New Zealand's World Cup nightmare carries on after Graham Henry's All Blacks were beaten 20-18 by France in their quarterfinal in Cardiff. France have stunned the tournament favourites just a couple of hours after defending champions England had eliminated Australia. The public has been left shattered as yet another chance to bring the Rugby World Cup home slipped from the All Black's grasp. Wellington Sports Cafe manager Nick Matthews said everyone at his bar this morning was subdued as the final minutes of the match played out.
"It was a little bit tense to be honest. Everyone was sitting on their drinks and not saying much. Everyone accept my French bar staff that is. "I've got one France staff member and they were sitting at the end of the bar cheering." Wellington man Tom Cardy, also at the bar for the game, said he was shattered and gutted by the result. "It was like going to a funeral service ... I've never seen so many stunned mullets in my whole life."

PS These are NOT my words or my photo as I was not there .. however a very special thanks to the DominionPost, RugbyHeaven, Reuters .. on a sad sad day in our history.


Sally said...

All I can say is: commiserations from across the Tasman (the Wallabie played APPALLINGLY it must be said. And have done for years - there's something deeply wrong with that). Didn't watch NZ v France, and was quite surprised with that result. Now it's "anyone but England or South Africa" as far as I'm concerned, but fear the winner will be one of them! ;-))

Michael Salone said...

Don't speak too soon Sally. If the French can beat the All Blacks maybe there's a terror in the terroir!

alice said...

It was a good match, your team is a great one. Amitiés depuis la France.

Monsieur Pain d'épices said...


Meg said...

The silver striped just doesn't work - I kept looking the other way.