Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Stationary Kowhai .... #131

This photo is a closer view of the kowhai [pronounced ko-fye] tree just out of shot to the left beside the rubbish bin in the crossing photo. The old brick building is the western side of the Wellington Railway Station The yellow of the fallen flowers was a natural soft touch to the rigid yellow markings for the NO PARKING - TOWAWAY AREA !!!

The Kowhai (Sophora microphylla) flower is NZ's national flower turning on the most spectacular display in spring. The flowers are a golden sulphur yellow, and appear in hanging clusters. The word 'kowhai' means yellow in Maori. Apparently native birds like tuis and kereru (wood pigeons) love the nectar. The early Maori had many uses for its hard durable wood and also made ointments and poultices from it. Graceful , with decorative fern like foliage and spring canopy of golden yellow flowers, the Kowhai is ideal for a corner situation in a smaller garden or specimen plant in a larger one.

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travelphilippines said...

wow cant wait to see them in springtime.