Wednesday, October 3, 2007

VOTE4ME ... #132

At this time of the year .. every three years our environment becomes littered with all manner of billboards and hoardings promoting candidates for City Councillers, Mayors, Regional Authorities, Hospital Boards etc .. and each night many are the target for destruction and the next day they are the subject for repair. I personally feel they add nothing and at best very little to the election process or the city environment. I suppose the sign makers make some money !!

This year's local body election will be held on Saturday 13 October 2007.The elections are meant to be your chance to have a say in decisions the City Council makes that affect us all.Elections for all local body authorities in New Zealand are held every three years. Wellington City Council uses the postal voting method.

The elections are conducted under the Local Electoral Act 2001, the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 and the Local Government Act 2002.In addition to voting for Wellington City Council, electors in Wellington city may also be eligible to vote for the following:Tawa Community Board, Makara/Ohariu Community Board, Greater Wellington Regional Council & the Capital and Coast District Health Board

An excerpt from the "Council Policy on Election Hoardings" for your entertainment... SMILE
Approval to use these sites for the purpose of political advertising is subject to the following conditions:
(a) The hoardings must be:
• soundly constructed
• not exceed 1.2 x 2.4 metres
• securely fixed and braced in place clear of mown areas.
(b) Road signs and street nameplates must not be obscured.
(c) Candidates should check with utility companies for any underground services, which may be in the vicinity of their hoardings. A list of Utility Companies is available from the Council’s Manager Property and Parking Services.
(d) Signs must be sited so as not to distract or obstruct driver or pedestrian visibility.
(e) Signs must not be placed closer than six metres from an intersection and must be placed at a greater distance if visibility for pedestrians or drivers is obscured.
(f) Unless otherwise stated signs may not be placed closer than 1.5 metres from the edge of the carriageway and must be clear of all pedestrian routes and accessways.
(g) Any signs erected on private property must be kept within the confines of the property and must comply with District Plan requirements. For further information please contact Building Consents and Licensing Services on 499 4444.
(h) Signs and hoardings must not be erected earlier than six weeks (42 days) prior to election day (1 September 2007). Signs must be removed from all sites the day prior to election day (i.e. by midnight on Friday 12 October 2007).
(i) Should any sign or hoarding suffer damage it must be repaired immediately or removed from the site.
(j) A bond deposit of $200 is to be forwarded to the Council’s Manager Property and Parking Services, together with contact name, address and telephone number; prior to placing any advertising material on approved Council sites.
(k) It is an offence against the Wellington Consolidated Bylaw 1991; Roads and Public Places, Part 17, 17.3.1 (a), (b) and (c) (Posters and Notices), to place posters on any servicing equipment or facility. A copy of this bylaw is available on request (to the Council’s Manager Property and Parking Services).

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