Thursday, September 18, 2008

#475 ... Working Style

Well this is the quirky side of doing a photoshoot for the good team at Working Style suits in Woodward Street ... I liked the double entendre or "working" and "style" ... not the image used in the adverts ... but we had some fun.

The return of an old face and the arrival of someone new!

Fraser Bremford – Director Southern Region – Tailor
Working Style is pleased to announce the return of a familiar name to the city, Fraser Bremford. Having worked for the company for some 10 years, Fraser is going to be looking after the Wgtn operations. He has had extensive experience with WS in the Tailoring area and men’s outfitting business and will be well known to many of you from his previous time with the company.

Daniel Palmer –Tailor
Daniel Palmer has transferred to Working Style Wgtn from Christchurch and has extensive experience in the Garden city as a men’s outfitter and tailor. Daniel has a passion for tailored clothing and is relishing the opportunity of working in New Zealand’s premier menswear city.


Stefan Jansson said...

They sure look sharply dressed.

Hilda said...

I love this portrait — it's both apt and fun. If they didn't use it for the ad, maybe they can use it for their website or annual report.

Anonymous said...

They look beautiful...and so do their suits!
I hope the guy in gray is single....he looks dreamy holding his hammer.