Friday, August 14, 2009

#800 ... World Wellington

Martin Bosley stands proudly in front of his temporary tent restaurant in Midland Park

It's not often you get something for nothing but some Wellingtonians have been lucky enough to be treated to a free lunch, in style. Diners in the city's Midland Park tucked into a surprise gourmet three course meal, wine included, in a makeshift restaurant. It was all the generous idea of one of the capital's top chefs, Martin Bosley.

He says he wanted to treat people who couldn't afford a menu including salmon fillet in citrus butter with caviar, pork cheek and eel with baby carrots, and a mint and cream dessert covered in rice crispies. Bosley also put on free dinners on Thursday night.

Martin is a well known supporter of many things Wellington ... thanks for continuing to colour our city

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Leif Hagen said...

Congrats on 800th posting! U R close 2 1000!