Wednesday, October 21, 2009

#869 ... 1963 Original

A 1963 original Fiat Bambina spied in Taranaki Street ... and with a delightful number plate. My mother had one of these ... red with soft top ... and with four teenagers on board we could almost get to 60mph down hill with a tail wind.


cara said...

Fantastic car (and image)

jbworks said...

Love you Christchurch Photos .. will put up a link from WDP this weekend. Christchurch has many great memories for me ... ciao JB

Summer said...

omg i found another one! do you work close by?

more scary thing is that i took a photo of this car on the same day too! i was waiting for a bus and was going to upload the photo on my blog too but ended up i didn't. i am just "wow!".