Monday, February 7, 2011

#1355 ... Inside Out Poet

David Merrit, LANDROVERFARM PRESS Whanganui ... in Cuba Mall selling his deconstructed, turned inside out, reconstructed books of prose, poetry & language convolutions.

One of life's delightful characters, keen for a conversation about the twists, turns and challenges of daily life.

I am now the proud custodian of "geek prayer:22" ... one of his literary artworks ... thanks David & safe travels


Stefan Jansson said...

Each to his own, always interesting to talk to different people.

Anonymous said...

These are the kinds of people who make my life interesting. I have not met him but I can sense his international appeal. Anybody who is interested in turning things inside out and back again is on a good team. I also liked your photo of him. It looks almost perfect to me.

jbworks said...

Thanks Steffe, Thanks Abraham ... YES one of life's delights. ciao JB