Thursday, June 14, 2007

Buzzy Bee #24

Buzzy Bee is one of a series of sculptures crowning sculptural signs in the city. All the signs feature Wellington street maps and show the way to nearby attractions. In this caser it points the way to the The Beehive
"Buzzy Bee is a New Zealand icon and it is fitting a tribute is paid to it. The sign's wings will whirr in the wind and power the turning of the wheels, a sight that will cheer the hearts of Wellingtonians of all ages on even the greyest day. It reflects Wellington's status as a cultural capital and also as a city where people can find enjoyment and entertainment everywhere."
Sculptural signs have been installed at:
Wellington's Railway Station – model of a "Wellington" Double Fairlie Locomotive
Woodward Street –stylised raupo, eels and eel traps. It is placed where the Kumototo Stream originally entered the harbour and reflects its importance as a food-gathering site for Maori
Cable Car Lane – model of a early cable car
Grey Street – Walk to the Water, a stylised waka topped by an aluminium bird that pivots into the breeze
Plimmer Steps – Stylised dolphins
Cuba/Manners Street – Exploding Box syndrome, a graffiti-based explosion in aluminium. I will post images and dialogue on these over the next few weeks

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Keith said...

this brings back memories
as kid growing up in NZ I had a Buzzy Bee like every other kid did
and I worked on the Beehive construction for 2 weeks as part of a school holiday job