Monday, June 25, 2007

Hurry-Cranes .... #35

Well here is a photo of the Liebherr Container Cranes at the Port of Wellington. You can clearly see the "Hurry-Cranes" logos on the machine houses in keeping with a Wellington tradition. Given the increased rate of handling containers, these machines live up to the name..
Above the more distant crane you will note the communications mast on the top of Mt Victoria. The photo was taken on Sunday 24 June ... supposedly mid-winter.
This weekend the AllBlacks beat the Springbocks in Durbin South Africa, 26 - 21 and the Hurricanes players in The ABs performed very well .. so its fitting that today's photo has a rugby connection.

The new generation cranes have the capability to lift two 20ft containers off vessels at the same time. Specially commissioned and manufactured by Liebherr Container Cranes Limited in Killarney, Ireland, these heavy-weights of the crane world each took 30,000 man hours to construct from over 650 tonnes of steel and required 8,000 litres of paint. The crane operators played a central role in developing the interior of the cabs. In the design phase, they had substantial input into determining the optimal position for the controls. The team has also spent time in Tauranga training and learning how to use the new cranes. Standing 63 metres at full height and weighing 770 tonnes, some kiwi ingenuity was required to move the machines into position on the wharf. Special teflon and stainless steel rollers were developed to slip the cranes into place on the quay.

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