Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Lagoon ... #33

This is a view from the City to Sea Bridge which links the Civic Square to the Waterfront. The direction is north north east looking towards the Hutt Valley and the Tararua Ranges (centre on the horizon). On the left is the southern corner of Frank Kitts Park and in the middle distance wou can see the container cranes .. a bit like the threelegged machines from "War of the Worlds". As a piece of well thought out corporate humour, these container cranes although coded A, B and C are also painted with "Hurri-crane" logos in the style of our beloved Hurricanes Rugby Team !! .. maybe a future daily photo. Perhaps the image would be complete with the cranes called Tana, Jerry and Rodney !!!

The clouds in this picture are not a common site in Wellington ... as usually the wind creates a more streaky outcome. This photo was taken on Friday mid-day following a stormy night, heavy rain, thunder and lightening, cold southerly winds coming up from the South Island where ther have been snow storms and winter chaos. Even the Winter Festival in Queenstown had to be postponed because the weather was so BAD !!!

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