Sunday, June 24, 2007

Climbing Everest in Wellington .... #34

The location is The Terrace Wellington outside the James Cook Hotel. The man is Mark Inglis .. and for those that don't know him ... he is the double amputee, New Zealander, who climbed Mt Everest last year.

Here I was walking up The Terrace in the early evening on Saturday night to get my old Rover 3500 from the carpark when this cyclist when past ... I thought ... he has two artificial legs .. that would make a great photo .. that must be Mark Inglis .. no ... it can't be because he lives in the Christchurch (actually Hanmer) ... anyway I ran up the hill after him and luckily he had stopped outside the James Cook where he was staying .. and sure enough it was Mark on a visit to the Capital ... hence the photograph of a unique meeting .. apologies Mark for the "soft" focus ... limited light ... but the blurred image is quite appropriate as you are a man who always seems to be on the move. Thanks for the opportunity to talk with you. Go well.

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