Thursday, March 4, 2010

#1005 ... STILL Peak Time

YES ... a very STiLL peak hour. Wellingtonians trying to navigate the central city during today's evening rush hour suffered delays because of a bomb scare. This is the view north along Willis St. Willeston St is the first street to the right.

Police bomb squad experts were called to Willeston House on Willeston St after a threatening email and note were sent. The building was evacuated and several streets were cordoned off. After a thorough search of the floor, the squad failed to locate anything suspicious, but would continue searching other parts of the building, Inspector Mike Coleman said. The cordons were lifted. While the cordons were still in place, rush hour buses were diverted from the centre of town. Traffic on inner-city roads was bumper-to-bumper as motorists took alternative routes to bypass the cordoned-off area around Willeston St.

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