Sunday, March 14, 2010

#1016 ... Every Man for Himself

Today was the last day for the "Revolt of the Mannequins" ... here are the crazy firemen escaping along the roof through the smoke.

Some more photos of the stories of the week

Changing the way we think about street theatre, Royal de Luxe brings together gorgeous imagery, engineering talent and storytelling prowess to transform the idea of the mannequin into pure comic strip brilliance. This ingenious free event will infiltrate the city over ten days, using popular shop windows for stages. Forty mannequins will be fixed in place every day and changed every night so the stories can evolve on the streets of Wellington during Festival 2010.

The personal adventures of the mannequins interweave love, fear, honour, pleasure, revenge, jealousy, violence and the discovery of life ... the unfolding drama has had an eclectic mix of just about everything: assassinations by the sniper, birth in a shop window of a little old man, a young child growing to exploding point in a box, the hunter and his dog, china plate shooting instead of claybirds, riots in the closing down sale ... even ripping the carpet off the shop floor, crazy firemen cooling down one of their own by filling her up with water, the little people stealing the opera words and music ... and now the opera singer herself, the trendy young man melting into a puddle, the housewife catching fresh fish through her kitchen floor, Inspector Colombo chasing all over town asking the hard questions, lovers' passion across a shop doorway ... WELL TODAY WAS THE FINAL DAY ... the male opera singer has escaped ... chased by the midget with the chain saw ... the fireman have escaped onto the roof with smoke pouring out of the building ... the "closing down sale" shoppers are also on the balcony ... as is the hunter escaping from the scene ... however his trusty dog is lounging on the beach ... Inspector Colombo has caught up with the sniper and heading off to the Police Station in his Holden ... ALL IN ALL an amazing week of intrigue.

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