Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#1011 ... Blandfords help Apollo 13

Most of us may remember the Apollo 13 space mission ... or at least the movie version of it ... well last night we went to see the interactive stage version. My daughter Anna was one of those in the Mission Control Centre, console seats and helped with the mathematical calculations ... a bit of a challenge, however the motivational speech writing for the address to the nation in case the astronauts didn't make it back to earth, was a slightly easier task.

The photo shows Anna and Josh going over their notes and calculations ... note the blackboard in the background ... a thank you from the main actors to the audience actors on the night. More photos

The description in the Arts festival brochure says it all...

APOLLO 13: Mission Control takes audiences on a rollicking caper through space and beyond. Winner of two Chapman Tripp Theatre Awards in 2008, this interactive production is lauded by critics, and loved by audiences, for its innovation and imaginative design.

As three astronauts trapped 200,000 miles from earth fight for their lives, audience members seated in ‘Mission Control' must make the critical decisions necessary to bring the heroes safely home. In command of this epic adventure is Flight Director, Gene Kranz, who lives by the simple belief that "Failure is not an option".

To deliver a truly inter-galactic experience, the theatre is transformed into an authentic 1970s replica of Mission Control, complete with retro computers, giant video screens, and elaborate consoles. Seats are also available in the ‘Press Gallery' for those who prefer a quieter trip into lunar orbit.

Transport yourself to APOLLO 13: Mission Control for a night of hijinks and hilarity - an unforgettable night out for young and old.

Can YOU bring them home?

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