Thursday, March 18, 2010

#1021 ... SAM

I met Sam in the street a couple of weeks ago outside the Wellington City Library ... to me he was a real "black" African ... so being intrigued I walked up and asked "Where do you come from?" The reply "Belgian Congo" ... wow ... "so how did you get to this little place in this little country somewhere in the south pacific ... now the response nearly knocked me over ... Sam lived in the Belgian Congo (Zaïre) during the Mobutu Sese Seko ... thanks to P for the correct info

Mugabe regime and arrived in New Zealand almost 23 years ago with his NZ lady ... they spent 6 months in Dunedin ... her hometown and since then have lived for just over 22 years in Wellington. They have a delightful daughter with the characteristic springy curly hair ... Sam is a musician of African music and plays many instruments including guitar. If I hadn't been so intrigued, I would have missed out on a unique experience.

This poster publicises a gig that Sam and his fellow musicians are playing tomorrow night.

Thanks Sam for stopping to talk and here is the payback ... ciao


Stefan Jansson said...

Always nice to meet the locals, wherever they are from!

Padraig said...

one little thing...
Mugabe is in Zimbabwe
Zaïre (Congo) had Mobutu Sese Seko

jbworks said...

Thanks for the Mobutu info ... correction made ... ciao