Saturday, March 6, 2010

#1007 ... Counting Feet

Despite all the latest technology ... it seems like the cheapest way to get data on foot traffic in the shopping precint is to count people walking by. This student had two counters ... one for pedestrians walking north ... and one for pedestrians walking south.

At the core of a healthy and thriving city is an environment that promotes and supports people on foot. Pedestrians keep the streets safe by providing a community presence. Pedestrians support the local economy by frequenting local stores and services. They also contribute to a sense of community by offering opportunities for social interaction.

Here is a request for volunteers for a pedestrian count in the USA city of Columbus.
Volunteers are needed to help with either or both counts. Volunteers do not need any special skills. All are welcome to attend the training session Wednesday, September 2, at 4 p.m. Those interested in counting, but unable to make the September training session are able to request an alternate time. “By volunteering less than three hours of your time, you can contribute to this important national effort!” said MORPC Count Coordinator Juana Sandoval.

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