Sunday, July 15, 2007

AirWolf ... Barista Extraordinaire ... #56

Daniel Minson is a self-confessed coffee nut and the ninjahax supreme who like to keep all haxilicousse 100% of the hardcore metacortex matrix. He's a pro barista, freelance web and graphic designer, who's currently studying 3D everything, electronic music, and lots of other bits!

Dan .. or AirWolf to those who know him well has been making awesome coffees at Moore Wilsons Fresh for more than 3 years now. There is always friendly smiling faces behind the coffee machine, when we call in on the weekend.

They sell most common brands of coffee beans and use Coffee Supreme beans for the take-out coffees.

Thanks for great friendly coffee ... AirWolf ... Barista Extaordinaire

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Dan said...

Yo dudes, thanks for the writeup! Pictured next to me is Ruth, who's solid AS in the zone - she rocks!

We also make espresso with:

* L'affare's Primo espresso blend
* Havana's Cuban (fairly traded, organic) single origin coffee
* Revive's Fairtrade organic espresso blend
* People's Coffee Fairtrade organic espresso blend - Don Wilfredo