Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A Slice of Wellington ... #57

This shot of Wellington shows a lot of what the city is about .. starting from the top
the hilly nature of our environment
the "little boxes on the hillside" or not so little as the case may be. This is what many immigrants remember about their first view of Wellington
the green vegitation
Oriental Bay and apartments
the harbour and coastal nature of the city
the hard working tugboats ... red on blue water ... very primary
Container boats & the "Hurry-Cranes" that load and unload the containers
and of course in the foreground the top of the Westpac Stadium .. where we go to watch the major rugby games ... and concerts like the Rolling Stones .. awesome !!
...so one photo is a bit like taking a geographic and sociology slice though our city

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Eurydice said...

Welligton looks really beautiful! I love these landscape!