Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cold Frosty Morning ... #55

Well this is about the best Wellington can do for cold snowy weather. The car roof. The last time we had snow on the hills and roads around Wellington was about 20 years ago ... and sadly I am old enough to remember !!

Yesterday was calm, cold and frosty BUT the day was awesome ... sunny and magic for the middle part of the day.

YES we do get snow on the top of the Rimutaka Hil Road .. about an hours drive from the city. This road goes over the southern end of the ....Tararua Ranges ... and some years the road will be closed for a few hours because of the snow.


Sally said...

So for one day in 20 years Windy Wellington becomes Snowy Wellington! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I learned a lot about your area and that is snow falls there sometimes too. Nice to share our frigid winters with someone.

Abraham Lincoln
The four hour flower

Anonymous said...

Why do you say 'SADLY I'm old enough to remember'?
Anything wrong with being more than twenty five years of age?

Clever photo idea, very catchy!
It's cold in Sydney too but not THAT cold!

Anonymous said...

And BTW, your photo in your profile is HILARIOUS, WELL DONE!

Eurydice said...

Quite a frozen day, I see!
Here, we've got a beat of smooth summer rain, and 24ºC as max. Min. 16ºC.

I had no idea that it could be so cold there, in NZ, as we are in your antipodes. I suppose we benefit from the Gulf Stream proximity.We have quit a mild climate. However, these last summers we had too much high temperatures in summer and almost no rain in winter. This present year things are being more normal, thank God!