Monday, July 9, 2007

Cold Pigeon ... #49

Even the pigeons in Midland Park were fluffed up against the cold wind on Sunday and definitely not showing any interest in chasing breadcrumbs or pieces of croissant thrown down by coffee drinkers at Astoria Cafe next door.

Temperature: 2 °C
Wind Speed: 2 km/h
Rainfall (last hr): 0.0 mm
Min temp: 2 °C
Max temp: 7 °C
Rainfall: 3.8 mm Month to date

... elsewhere in the South Island .... the skiers were smiling. No more snow fell over the weekend but icy weather in the South Island sent the mercury below zero and ski fans up the mountains in droves. Parts of Central Otago and the Mackenzie Country dipped to minus 9deg, the Canterbury Plains and Christchurch shivered with minus 6deg and the West Coast was warmest at minus 3deg.

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Eurydice said...

I see it's a cold winter.

We got 32ºC. today, here!... summer, of course, but our winters look softer than yours. It is not ususal to get 7ºC in Winter at my town. Very cold day could reach 13ºC max, and lower temperatures are very rare as a maximum