Friday, July 13, 2007

Keep it Clean ... #53

Everyone has a cellphone ... The Council workers and contractors perform regular street cleaning, graffiti removal, litter collection and vegetation maintenance on traffic islands and gardens.

Traffic & Street Signs
The Council maintains over 18,000 traffic and street signs. Signs are designed and installed according to national and international standards.
'STOP' and 'GIVE WAY' signs are considered critical.

The number of street or park cleaners employed in the Wellington region is expected to remain stable over the next three to five years. Employment opportunities are influenced by the size of the area requiring cleaning and the level of cleaning required by councils. In addition, the state of the economy may impact on employment opportunities as councils may decrease cleaning services when the economy is in decline. Job numbers are not expected to increase unless an area experiences large population growth.Turnover among street or park cleaners employed in the Wellington region is moderate to low. Most street or park cleaners are employed full-time, although some work on contract.


susanna said...

I love your blog, with its little vignettes to accompany the daily photo. It makes me miss NZ enormously.

Anonymous said...

Nice photo. I like it. It reminds me of workers around here who take a lot of breaks.

If you visited my blog yesterday and left a comment about our 52nd wedding anniversary, I wanted to say, "Thanks."

travelphilippines said...

i love city that is clean... and this photo show that wellington is a clean one....

jbworks said...

... and YES oldmanlincoln I read Brian's NY comments yesterday and noted the milestone you had reached ... we are 20 years behind you at only 32 .. so CONGRATULATIONS

Susanna ... pleased to give you back some memories ... remember what you experienced and look forward to the next time .. ciao