Saturday, September 8, 2007

The Blue Crate Group ... #108

Walking down Woodward Street I spotted this and it seemed like a nice bi-play on the BMG ... Blue Man Group. I have seen them play .. perform ... act or whatever you can describe it as ... in New York and London .. a fantastic experience .. I can still smell the mashed banana ... and you will know what i mean if you have seen them perform.

However this was outside the Nest store as they were getting ready for their Summer promotion. It all turned to "custard" when a member of the public complained to the City Council ... who sent an OFFICIAL along to get them to move the crates off the pavement and scrub off the bits of blue paint ... the consequences were that there are now some very clean bricks .. cleaner that the surrounding ones ... and Nest head office in Auckland have been fined for causing a public disturbance on a public thoroughfare ... I think it could be much easier if you just did a "normal" protest.

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Lynette said...

Great candid photograph and explanation.