Sunday, September 16, 2007

Larger than Life ... #116

For those of you in most of the rest of the world who play with round balls ... our national game is Rugby .. played with an oval ball !!. and right now the Rugby World Cup is under way in France. Given the time of the games and the time difference it means a lot of late nights watching the live telecasts ... some economists have calculated the loss in workforce productivity in NZ will amount to millions of dollars .. due to tired bleary eyed sports fans arriving late for work.

This billboard is in Featherston Street and the hardworking staff at NZ Customs feel that Richie McCaw is a bit like the Mona Lisa .. his eyes follow you around the road intersection !!!

The latest game was the Portugal game in Lyon. Forget about the large score line and reflect on the moment of an exceptional game of rugby. This was a game of the giants against the minnows but a unique event for multiple reasons .. the large crowd, the temperature, the passion of the game, the magical delight on the faces of the Portugal players having played against the All Blacks, the sporting and referring gestures and a spectacle that was better than anyone could have imagined. Potugal had won the right to be at the Rugby World Cup in France and they were going to make the most of it. Read about the All Blacks versus Portugal game and remember that despite the cricket score some rugby magic happened in Lyon that will long be remembered for all the right sporting reasons.

Some further interesting snippets can be found on the BBC blog site

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Rogério Freitas Sousa said...

The "All blakes" defeat the litle Portugal...