Monday, September 10, 2007

The green green grass of home ... #109

Meadow Fresh dairy products are currently running a consumer competition where you enter a code from your milk, yogurt, cream etc in their website and go into the draw to win a piece of land. Well to be more correct $250,000 NZD towards the cost of your dream section of land.

The first billboards promoting the competition were the usual vinyl printed ones .. but they are now changing the look and impact by building the bill boards with real living grass. The one in Christchurch has been going for 5 weeks and this one in Wellington has just been completed. The grass is pre-grown and the top layer of soil and grass is held in shallow square boxes by green wire netting. Each square is fixed to the billboard a bit like wall tiling. In the close up you will notice the green drip hose that is run between the boxes to ensure the grass gets a daily watering. The final touch is the lettering and graphics which are fixed on top of patches of cut grass.

A wise man, once told me that if you sprinkle your lawn with whiskey you can save yourself a lot of lawn mowing as the grass comes up half-cut ... YEAH RIGHT !!!

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jb said...

Quite cool. Same principle as the welldressings in Derbyshire