Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Mayor of Cuba Street ... #110

Nelson Nunns who is still going strong in the prime of his life ( the 80s !!) is probably one of the oldest retailers in central Wellington. Every time I have taken the lawn mower to Ellmers Mower Centre for servicing or repair, I am received with a "SMILE" and some interesting snippet of history.

Nelson bought the store with two of his sons in 1992 having spent the previous 37 years working as a grocer. He says "I took an adult apprenticeship" when changing careeers at the age of 62. These days he runs the store in partnership with the youngest of his 8 children.

Retirement has not been a consideration for Nelson and as the last of remaining sibling of a family of 11, he knows that we spend a long time "lying on our backs looking at the lid" so he is determined to make the most of the life he has left. For Nelson, running the store is a way of life .. he loves people .. and it shows when you have the pleasure of meeting him.

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Philip said...

Lovely pic of Nelson. Sad to repart he assed away today