Monday, September 3, 2007

Pictogram Challenge... # 102

I am currently reading graphic design book about pictograms .. you know all those signs we see around our cities, airports and public buildings .. and of course every 4 years the Olympic Games... one of the most famous and long lasting sets came from the Munich Olympics.

Well this got me looking around the everyday signs I see and I came across this beauty .. .not sure how helpful it is really !!! not sure about the DON'T START but you can finish crossing .. cause if you were halfway across you wouldn't be able to read the sign .. would you ! ... but at least for those with impaired sight our cross now lights are accompanied by a unique buzzer sound.

In the background you can see the west side of the Wellington Railway Station.


Carol E. said...

Are the beeping street lights on every corner? Here I have only seen them at corners where there is a nearby building that houses services for the blind. It makes more sense to have them everywhere.

jbworks said...

all corners and also most have dimpled footpaths at the crossing point .. cheers

alice said...

Good idea, for kids too. Have a good day!