Friday, September 14, 2007

The New Lollipops ... #113

In many countries like Australia, UK and New zealand a school crossing patroller is colloquially known as a lollipop man or lollipop lady because of the modified circular stop sign they carry, which resembles a large lollipop. It has the word STOP, an international symbol for children, and a strip of black. It was like this when I went to primary school and I was one of the senior pupils that did school patrol duty.

Well now this has changed as you can see by the swing out signs in this photo. Rverything including the parent/teacher vests are in fluro safety colours. A City Council workman had just finished installing the flags for the crossing .. to make sure that motorists really do see the pedestrian crossing. I went to school in Manurewa and came across this meeting record which shows the bureaucratically complex world of crossing the road.
Have a look at Manurewa Community Board meeting notes from 2002 .. go to page 31-32


Chandlermom said...

I see everyone is bundled up, too - it's so hot here that I forget other parts of the world may be wearing sweaters; the hot pink signs are unusual

jbworks said...

YES today we had a cool wind blowing .. yesterday sunny T-shirt day .. road safety gurus are trialling hot pink and fluro green colours to see how they work instead of the black on yellow or the white on red. The blossom coming out on the trees and the daffodils tell me it is spring .. although we still have these colder days ... cheers