Thursday, September 6, 2007

No-ble Endeavours ... #105

YES Wellington gets exposed to all the normal marketing hype of world brands .. on my way from the train station I came across these delightful young ladies handing out cans of Red Bull to the the morning commuters .. at least it gave us a boost for the first half of the day.

The other link to this image is that I was part of the "mini" era .. both the great little cars that made a significant impact on the automotive world (Mini Cooper S .. wow) and of course the "mini" skirt which made an impact on moi!! .. still love both varieties and the modern iteration of the BMC Mini carries on the memory of a great icon.


Unknown said...

They must have driven a long way, as I saw an identical vehicle driving on a road near me. Alas they didn't stop to hand out any freebies.

Bergson said...

If the car functions with red bulldozer.

it must be very fast

Unknown said...

Maybe the car runs on red bull and not petrol! :-p