Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Take care out there ... #103

Currently Wellington is running a campaign about pedestrians taking care when crossing the road ... cause internally cars and people are sort of OK but externally people and cars can be a dangerous mix especially when they move into each others designated zones!! ... so we are asking and promoting that when pedestrians venture forth across the raod they need to be super vigilant and take care.

The outline on the roadway is on Lambton Quay beside the Midland Park; the poster is on the local trains and the bill board is opposite Frank Kitts Park . This pictogram and 3D bill board follow on from yesterdays theme.

The billboard is about drivers being careful at intersections ... and showing reasonable caution when turning .. otherwise you may end up being dressed in stiff white.

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Lynette said...

My, my. I'd be interested to know how this campaigns turns out.