Saturday, August 4, 2007

Caffe L'Affare ... #75

Founded in 1990, Caffe L'affare is Wellington’s iconic and irreverent café, and coffee roastery.
The flagship café showcases our signature espresso to a backdrop of the roaster, busy packaging plant, equipment showroom and bean store.
Whether alone, with family, friends or colleagues you are bound to feel at home in the bustling atmosphere of the café. Take refuge in the corner banquette seating or people watch from the communal high tables. The café is large so you’ll never have to wait too long for a table... and this is one cafe that is children friendly , even to the exten of providing toys for pre-schoolers .. and that's why you will always see mothers and children here most days.

This is a typical comment from a customer "fantastic coffee! The coffee is great, the food is delicious ... but be prepared for a crowded, quite noisy environment "

This place has an old world quirky eclectic style but is also thoroughly techno savy ...There is a trend worldwide for cafes to provide Internet access to customers, and Caffe L'affare had been looking at ways in which they could offer the same service. But using the cafe's own network was going to create security issues. Caffe L'affare's IT manager had read about CityLink's CafeNET service in Computerworld magazine - and thought it seemed an ideal solution. CafeNET gives people with Wi-Fi-enabled laptops access to the Internet via CityLink's Metropolitan Ethernet Optical Fibre LAN. Users get all the benefits of broadband without being tied to the office.

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