Friday, August 10, 2007

Trompe d'oeil .. #78

Trompe d'oeil is an ancient wall technique meaning "eye-deception"; it is based on the concept of a way of painting images that we look at and they seem real or 3 dimensional when they are only 2; they let us believe in things that do not really exist, like false doors or windows, false flowery terraces etc.
This example is on the non-descript concrete retaining wall at the end of Oriental Bay .. where Carlton Gore Road goes up to Roesneath.

I have tried to find out who, why, when it was created but have drawn blanks with my many approaches to the Wellington City Council officials. They do have a detailed database and register for many of the scupltures around the city .. some of which have been shown on this blog .. but for murals all I got was strange blank looks ... maybe it was just me !!!

So when I was taking my daughter Anna to the airport for a flight to Christchurch .. we did a quick stop and got Anna to walk inside and say hello !!


WichitaKsDailyPhoto said...

Neat idea, it does look 3 dimensional. I guess your daughter didn't really go inside. If she did, I bet it hurt!

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