Monday, August 13, 2007

Get your Mojo back ... #82

Mojo is located at one end of The Old Bank Arcade. For those of you not in Wellington, this building is a piece of history. The tiled floor is simply amazing and it retains the atmosphere of an esteemed financial institution. Conversations occur in hushed tones and footsteps echo down the banking chamber as shoppers wander down past the boutiques.

Coffee arrives very quickly and it is very very good. Great head and lovely body and in a tall glass. Some of the cafes in town superheat the glass in a small blast furnace prior to delivery to you which results in burnt fingers and it takes nearly 4 hours to drink. This one was perfectly hot to drink and easy to gulp with no skin scorched to the glass. As is usual from Mojo, a great flavour, with a smooth creamy consistency.

"a great cafe and a neat place to sit and drink and watch the world go by. A firm 9/10 for coffee quality"

Mojo Coffee was the brain child of Steve Gianoutsos and his wife Julie. Mojo started out as a small boutique roastery in Wakefield Street in 2003. Steve has worked and lived in the hospitality industry for most of his working life and has owned and operated several successful cafes in the Wellington area. Mojo has grown steadily and now has six Mojo sites operating in the Wellington area and have 45 employees. They have a solid loyal customer base, as demonstrated in the recent Capital Times reader survey where they were voted number 1 coffee in Wellington. As well as the cafés they also supply several popular cafés and offices around the lower north island with their premium blended coffee beans.

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Emilieee said...

Seems like the coffee arrives very quickly. The waiters are busy brewing it! =)Wonderful outlet others than Starbucks and COffeebean.

May I have one extra hot latte, please? :P