Friday, August 3, 2007

Portals to the City ... #74

This is a view of the city from the Hutt motorway . Many Wellingtonians see this view every morning as the drive in from the Hutt Valley to the city. The best and most relaxing view is from the train which skirts around the northern end of the Harbour as it makes its way to the Wellington Railway Station.

The 2 tall buildings framed by the steel portal for the overhead wires for the electric trains are the Majestic Tower to the left and Grand Plimmer Tower to the right .. and remember tall in Wellington is something just over 30 floors!! as we live on an earthquake fault line. The news always has something about the big one. The Wellington Region is criss-crossed by many faultlines that also run under Cook Strait. Just to the right of the lefthand column of the steel portal you can pick out one of the "Hurry-Crane" container cranes on the wharf and if you click on the image and view it in larger size you will easily pick out all three cranes. Just below and to the left of the 'red' train control lights you will be able to see the Westpac Stadium .. like the side view of a cake tin !!

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