Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday Menu ... #88

This is the Wellington Trawling Company Fish & Chip Shop at 222 Cuba Street .. the southern (or top end) of Cuba St. .. and it is pretty typical of Wellington chippies .. although it also sells freah fish.

This is one critics review ...

Cost: $5.30
Fish: The fish itself was really nice and fresh, but I could taste that it'd been cooked in oil and well, it's just not the same.
Chips: Nice but nothing to write to Grandma about.
Comments: Very average. They were obviously busy but a little slow just the same. And I would expect a bigger serving for the price.
Cooked in: Oil
Rating: 7/10 ... however we got "dinner" there on Sunday night and it was OK .. say 8/10 .... before Joshua and I went to See Sir Ian Mckellen in King Lear .. Shakespeare

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